The best beach and backyard staples

Summer is on the horizon, you know what that means? Time to get your essentials in order.

Is the BBQ clean? Does your pool have any holes in it? Is the grass looking pristine? These are all important questions you need to start asking yourself before it’s too late. Because before you know it, it’ll be October, and the chance to chill in the sun will have passed you by. 

But before you head to the back garden to top up your tan or to the beach for a play on the sand, there are some staples you need to ensure you’re set for whatever summer throws at you. 

Luckily, your friendly neighbourhood Dock & Bay Blog Writer has made a list for you… 

A good, eco-friendly towel


You can’t have a good summer without investing in something to sit on, dry with and wrap around you once the sun sets and the summer breeze comes to an end.  

A good towel is an investment, plus they’re much more stylish and sustainable than the one you’ve just randomly grabbed out of the cupboard. 

May we make a suggestion? A quick dry, compact towel suggestion?




A Speaker

What’s a day on the beach or in the back garden without some tunes? 

Invest in a good Bluetooth speaker so you can blast Spotify’s ‘Summer Bangers’ playlist as you relax.

Just don’t forget to turn off shuffle before your “Heartbreak ‘01 Mixtape xox” playlist comes on, might bring the mood down a bit. 

Paddling Pool

It gets hot out there.

To combat the heat, you should drape a nice, refreshing, cooling towel over your shoulders while taking a dip in your very own pool.

There’s no need to go mad, either. Just something to slip your feet into to help you chill out during those sweltering summer days. Then just get yourself an inflatable crocodile, one of those floating drinks holders and you’re set for the season. 



There’s not really any debate here.

A BBQ can infinitely upgrade your summer fun, whether you’re in the backyard or on a (BBQ friendly) beach. Even if you’re not hungry, the smell alone can instantly fill your senses with a swell of summer joy. 

Hot dogs, burgers, seafood, veggie options (obv). Barbecue food is as essential as it gets.