Cooling Towels - How To

You know the feeling. You’re shamelessly running for the bus, or at the gym in the middle of a heavy set or lofty HIIT, or the mercury has simply risen above a comfortable 23 degrees and now it’s just way too hot to function. 

We’re talking about the inevitable sweat trickling down your back. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just drape something over yourself to instantly cool down? Something that lasts around six hours? Something sustainable? 

Oh look, here’s just the thing you’re looking for! But how do you use our Cooling Towels, and for what situations? 

Look no further, friends. 

Can’t handle the summer heat? Cooling Towels fold up small, so you can slip it in your bag or pocket and be cool wherever you go. 

Then just rinse it in water, twist it and place wherever on your body is warmest. That’s six whole hours of cooling bliss, just from a tiny towel. 

Wave goodbye to being too hot.

Go a little overboard last night? Drape a nice, cool towel over your head to battle that brain-ache brought on by booze.  

It might not cure your hangover, but it might just soothe your soul and ease the pain. Rehydrating is recommended, too. Use a Chilly’s Bottle, so you can look cool at the same time.

Sometimes panting just isn’t enough to keep your pooch cool. 

Use a Cooling Towel to help your puppy chill out when the temperature rises. Just rinse it in water and drape it over your dog to help them chill out. 

They’ll thank you with kisses and endless tail wags.

Feeling the heat from your HIIT? Hitting big reps in the gym? Off on a run? 

Cover and cool yourself with your new fave fitness buddy and keep the sweat to a minimum. They’re small and compact enough to fit in your gym bag and dry super fast, meaning no damp odours. 

Find yourself having a hot flush? 

Cool off quickly with our temperature-reducing towel, designed to keep you chill for up to six hours. Just drape over your head, relax and cool off. 

So these are just a few ways you can use Cooling Towels in your everyday life, there are many more, but we’ve only got a certain amount of space to write, and we’re pretty sure you haven’t got all day to read them. 

Maybe you could try one out for yourself this summer?